Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An update is way past due:
I now sit on my red comforter in my Bordelais apartment on the third floor, about to get myself a cup of tea. It is fairly warm out, but I can tell it is slowly getting cooler. I live across from the center of Bordeaux, on the other side of the Gironde-the river that runs through Bordeaux. It is absolutely beautiful, I walk along the river (in a park) every morning to catch the tram for school. I am about a 45 minute tram ride to my university, which is normal for most students. I don't mind, the ride gives me time to think and listen to good music.
I live with a single mother named Stephanie, and her five year old daughter, Malia (pictured below). I absolutely love them, they have been nothing but welcoming and patient with me. I learn a lot from Malia everyday, I know all the names of the Disney classics in French! ...blange neige, cendrillon (you guess!). It is wonderful. So amazing to be out of the dorms, which I had to stay in for almost three weeks! I actually feel like I have a home.
This past weekend was "Les journees europeens du patrimoine", which is a two day celebration of France's heritage and culture. So, most churches, museums, chateaux, etc were free and open to the public. I went with Stephanie and Malia to the Botanical Garden, which is very close to our house, to see an Orchid exhibit! In french, they are called "les orchidees". They were breathtaking! I want to live in a room with just orchids! It was a wonderland of shapes and colors!
Now, it is time for me to start my homework, but I hope I gave you a glimpse of my new chapter here in Bordeaux!
Bisous (kissess), Kelsey


  1. That dune looks amazing! And so do the orchids. So glad you're posting--and great pics on facebook too. Hope you feel better soon, love, E

  2. How fun! WHat a great way to see what you are experiencing. I will be a an avid follower! Love Daddy

  3. Mon--NOOOOOOo!!!!

    Poor Kelso. You and your land look beautiful here, and I hope the land is becoming you since you are becoming it.

  4. thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to speak French with you!

  5. C'est jolie, un jardin d'orchidees! C'est difficle comprendre l'accent de bordeaux. Plus facile de Paris? Tu me manques-merci pour les blog!