Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hello, beautiful

I wish weekends were longer. I spent this last one in Biarritz, a beach town in Pays-Basque, the southern part of France, 30 km from Spain-it was absolutely breathtaking! I went with three girlfriends from my program on Saturday morning on the TGV (the train system here) and arrived just early afternoon. We were welcomed with gorgeous weather and a breeze that could soothe anyone. Our hotel was not far from downtown, and the only reason why I mention our hotel is because it was fully equipped with bunk beds! For some odd reason, this made me very excited to see this! After a much needed nap (says the girl with mono), we went out for our night on the town. We ate at a respected fish restaurant located on a cliff of sorts near the ocean, and then made our way to a lounge and a night club. We danced and pranced and I loved every second. On Sunday, we went into the downtown again where an outdoor street market was happening-it was extremely precious! I can't find a better word for it. Vendors everywhere selling everything from 1 euro towels to 160 euro stilettos. Then-to the beach! We explored the steps and bridges and rocks which make Biarritz so unique. There is a viewpoint where you can look through a gap in the rock and see Biarritz's lighthouse, buildings, and beach. I had to take a moment away from all of the girls to take it all in. Being in such a beautiful place helped me strip away all of the stress and worries I have been carrying and feel tranquility. I felt at peace at that moment, a peace that I carry with me now, thanks to Biarritz. I would like to go back someday, and bring my loved ones with me to share this place with them! Also, this place almost looks fake, I need to reassure you all-it is real!
Love to everyone,

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  1. I know that feeling of needing to break away because the group moves too quickly. What do you think of French nightclubs!