Monday, October 5, 2009

ma nouvelle famille

This weekend was a great one. Although I didn't travel to any new places or do anything extreme, I felt something new. This weekend I felt like I bonded with Stephanie and Malia. We went to the public park together, we played the french version of "go fish" (in which Malia cheated throughout the whole thing which cracked me up!), and drew pictures of dinosaurs (my favorite)! I felt at home, and it felt goooooood.
I have been finding it very difficult to express how I am feeling or my specific thoughts on issues and such due to our language barrier. I simply do not have enough vocabulary to say what I want to all of the time, which has made it a bit lonely. I know this will take time and patience, and of course I am taking this challenge-and trying to do so with grace. Last night, Stephanie and I had a great conversation about our own faults and things we want to change about ourselves, and it was incredibly refreshing! I have been aching for a conversation like that. I feel really lucky to have been placed with this family, I know we have a lot to teach each other and more laughs to come. So now, laugh at these!

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  1. Oh YEAH!! THis is exciting stuff, especially your faces smushed together like your lives now are. Remember that even people who speak their native language together are often struggling to have the kind of conversations we all want to have, the ones that make us better people and closer. I'm proud of you, again. And I love you. And it sucks to never see you.